Mobile applications

Considering the growing demand for HTML5, WeBesTeam offers HTML5 development services to clients. WeBesTeam is backed by its talented designers and skilled front-end developers.

We love working in HTML 5 for the amazing features that it offers and use them to get the best user experience on a web.

Our HTML5 expertise covers:

Game develoment

We use Canvas for rendering graphics and images easily, without dependencies on plug-ins. With HTML5 game development frameworks like LimeJS, we build sophisticated games.

Data visualization

Since JSON format of storing data has become supported by main browser's giants, visualization of complex data structures becomes popular and widely used by professionals. Weather you want to make a time critical decision, or show annual financial statistics, or make a future projection of stocks indices of your company, data visualization is the initial prerequisite that you need. WeBesTeam can help you to implement both attractive real-time charts and server side API to manage graphic elements.

HTML5 offline web applications

We can develop HTML5 mobile applications that could work without need of internet connection. Application synchronize data before device goes offline and allows users to work with data when no internet coverage available*. It is time to move on. Popularity of mobile browsers is on the rise and this trend will continue increasing in favor of mobile browser in the nearest future. Percentage of mobile tablets increases. Apple iPads, Amazon Kindle, RIM Playbook, Google Nexus and number of android based tablets produce now huge number of visits on the websites.

WeBesTeam has proficient knowledge in the development of HTML5 compatible iPhone and iPad apps. This allows us to create feature-rich HTML5 compatible apps for the iPhone/iPad by using of modern frameworks such as Twitter bootstrap and HTML5 boilerplate.

*It worth taking into account that offline cache is supported across browsers since: Chrome – v4, FireFox – v3.5, Internet Explorer – 10, Opera – v10.6, Safari Webkit – v4.0, Android – v2.1, Opera mobile – 11.0, Safari mobile – v.3.2